Fyno Precision Pte Ltd, we are one of the leading manufacturers of CNC machine turned parts. Here in Fyno, we Focus on your Needs Only, we do our best to fulfil and acheive your design needs, providing you with a one stop solution for your parts, from design stage to final product and finally mass production. We have a group of highly experince engineers who will work hand in hand with your R&D to achieve all your design needs. With our advance CNC turn/mill machines, we are able to machine and produce any complex and odd shape/size products.


Equiped with Multiple Axis CNC machines, we are capable of running different types of complex operations like, C-axis milling, milling interpolation, cross drilling and tapping, back machining and front and back offset drilling and taping. Our multiple Axis CNC machine we are able to machine complex design in a single setup thus reduce setup time and increase production rates.


With a well equipped quality equipment, our quality department is able to ensure quality products is being produced.